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On this page you will find links to a number of audio visual items. There are flash animations. Click on a thumbnail above to play one on-line. If you want to know a bit about the thoughts behind them, click {short description of image}. If you want to download them ALL onto your own computer, click {short description of image}. (If the animations do not work you will probably find a message asking you to enable active content or to download the right software.)
There are audio tracks, listed on the right, of the kinds of thing that come up in hypnotherapy. (This list will grow with time.) You can pick and mix, choosing a simple pattern of suggestion to play alongside a visual that you like. Click the name of a track to hear it on-line. Click {short description of image} to read the text to give you an idea of whether you feel like listening. (Or if you are a hypnotherapist who would like to take and modify the scripts for your own use.)
Finally you can download any audio tracks you like, to make your own compilation which you can play in sequnce. The method depends on your browser:
Firefox or Netscape Press Alt and Left Click on name of track. Internet Explorer Right Click on name and then click "Save Target As..."

These are offered freely on the basis of interest and entertainment only.

The reason for this is simple. In Hypnotherapy we are aiming to give the RIGHT piece suggestion to the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time. It is like anything else. There is no point teaching calculus to someone who needs to learn tables, or vice versa. There is no point in exposing someone to advanced computer programming if they cannot even surf the net. There is no point in teaching pole-vaulting skills to someone who wants to know how to bake a cake.

The pieces you find here might be just the right thing for you when you listen. But I cannot guarantee it. I would be happy if some were of some value. People's minds vary. Their needs vary. I almost never say the same things to different clients. Each person needs a particular input which suits them. You may have seen an amusing episode in Friends in which Chandler takes advantage of a Stop Smoking tape prepared for a friend. He stopped successfully. But also took on some female characteristics, because of certain suggestions aimed at the woman friend. "As a non-smoker you will feel more attractive, more feminine..." This is an amusing theme. But it has a some truth in it. ANY off-the-peg CD or tape you buy may have ideas in it which do not suit your personality.

But if you bear that in mind, and if you have a look at a script first to check that you are happy with the content, then you may get some of the advantage of a session of hypnotherapy at no cost. At the very least, if you are wondering about coming to see me in person, or using my distance hypnosis approach, you will know whether or not you like my voice!

If you want me to prepare a recording for you for a particular purpose then it is possible in conjunction with a phone call which enables me to diagnose the nature and roots of the problem and also to get to know your personality. For more details go back to home page.

I would suggest you start with the Introduction track, which simply tells you more about how to use the audio tracks and what to expect from them.

To try to give you some flexibility I have arranged the audio tracks in smallish sections, typically of about 5 to 7 minutes. You can listen while watching one of the hypnotic animations. Or you can close your eyes and just go with my voice. My audio tracks have no background music for the simple reason that your tastes might easily be different from mine or the next person's. If you want to listen to appropriate music of your own, feel free to do to. The tone and tempo of my voice and the kind of material involved are guides to whether a track is aimed more at the subconcious and a deeper trance, or being aimed at a more conscious but focussed and receptive mind.

If you have a player which allows you to download tracks, and have some familiarity with audio tracks, you can then arrange things into a compilation that suits you. And perhaps even play them on an iPod. BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING, OF COURSE! And of course you can change the selection from time to time to suit your changing needs and moods.

FINALLY let me add that I started this section on Jan 1st 2008, by which year most people have the software needed to play flash animations and audio tracks. Free software to view the flash animations comes from Adobe. Free software for the audio is available in many places such as Quicktime.