These words of mine may guide you on a path which takes you past anxiety. If you run away from it, then it will follow you. But if you walk towards it, then you can pass it by.

So I invite you to enter into an anxiety trance. That sounds odd I know. You may have been fighting against anxiety feelings on and off for years. Now I ask you to view them in a trance. You don't have to. You can stop at any time. But remember that they have been stopping you moving on for a long time. I will be worth it to be able to get past them.

And so I ask you to feel the anxiety feelings. Just feel them. Do not fight them. Just feel them. Do not try to flee from them. Just feel them..... What DO you feel? Is there some adrenaline flowing? Just feel it. It is not dangerous after all. Millions of people pay good money for an adrenaline rush! Is your heart beating fast? Just notice it beating. It is not dangerous, after all. It happens when lovers meet. Are your lungs breathing fast? Just notice them breathing. It is not dangerous, after all. Millions of people pay money for exercise or adventure or thrills which will have then breathing much faster than that. Are you feeling rather hot? Just notice it. It is not dangerous, after all. Millions of people pay money for saunas and sun-drenched holidays to feel hotter. What else do you notice? Whatever it is I predict that it is not, in itself, dangerous.

You can now perhaps go deeper into this trance. You are able to focus on the feelings of anxiety just as they are. No more; no less. By not fighting them you feel less stress. By not running from them you feel less afraid of them. You are not having an anxiety attack.

You are just contemplating them. By just contemplating them you are entering an anxiety trance. In this trance the feelings are just feelings. They are not dangerous. They are just feelings. You can contemplate them more and more calmly.

You may notice the feelings changing a bit. Just notice the changes. Do not try to make changes. There is no need to DO anything in this trance. You just contemplate the feelings. And they will get less threatening. They may indeed seem to fade away.

And each time you play this track they will seem more and more natural. Less and less troubling.

There is another track that might be useful. It deals not with anxious feelings but with anxious thoughts. If you have found that anxiety creating thoughts have been coming into your mind when listening to this, then it would be worth trying the other.