In this track my words may guide you into a trance of deep peace and renewal.

The scattered diamonds of the stars fill the sky with infinite distances. The silent moon shines pearly light on the silver snow-clad country side. Under the soft, thick white duvet the earth sleeps.. And dreams... Slow deep dreams... The woods are softened and silvered. Stillness fills the streams with crystal. The still hills are smooth, the dales and vales are soft and deep. Nothing moves for the moon's bright eye to see. There is just the white with shadows of black.

But no. There is one spot of colour. Warm gold on the ermine mantle. Come lower, closer. It is a window, warm with firelight. A cottage window. A small Christmas card cottage cocooned in snow. The virgin snow is piled high against the simple door. It is serenely closed. But you can fly in on the golden window beam and alight inside your cottage, your refuge, your haven of peace.

The flames of fire and candles move warmly in welcome. And everything else moves to suit your needs. There is a quiet chair that not only moulds itself to you, but is soon of precisely the right texture and material. There is a bed, which may be a four-poster, but which will also soon move and meld into your leanings, and be your perfect bed. And so with the whole place. Slowly with deep satisfaction every article and every surface in your cottage relaxes into the form that suits you. There may be subtle aromas, as of fresh bread, or woodsmoke or home. Let them fill, like incense, this holy place of yours. Let the living lights flicker on things that each are deeply yours by right of loving them.

Look into the fire. The heart of the fire. Warm and bright. Be aware of the sentinal moon and the enfolding snow that keep away all that has no place in your heart's home. There are no intrusions. You are perfectly safe. Perfectly comfortable. Perfectly yourself. Look into the loving heart of the living fire. Feel as if all and every dark thing in you can be lightly tossed into the forgiving flame, and be utterly consumed. Dark, sad memories can drift into mind only to pass into the bright fire and be gone. Fears, with roots in time, can be gently placed, like twisted root-logs, on the fire of love and flare up and in time return to glowing ashes. Look into the heart of your fire. Feel the peace that comes when you are surrounded by nothing that is not of love.

And you can return here at will. It is YOUR sacred space. You can visit at any time. This is thesafe cottage of your soul. Here is refreshment of spirit. Here you touch the deep heart of dreaming Nature. Here you can grow more yourself; more the way you are meant to be. Allow yourself to grow