These words of mine may guide you into a relaxation trance. A state with no pressures. A condition with no stresses. You have known such times. Maybe in childhood. Maybe on holiday. Maybe when just doing something you love. Maybe when just being with someone you love. Let your mind drift to that time...

Your mind can re-live for a while that place and time. You can allow the feelings of freedom to fill you. It is a private place in your memory which is at the heart of relaxation. Dwell in that memory. Gradually the feeling that fills it will start to flow into your body. Your muscles will start to remember that lovely state. They will relax. You do not need to TRY. Trying means effort. And effort will lead to stress. You do not need to WANT: that would lead to pressure. Just let that remembered feeling of relaxation ease its way into every nerve, every cell of your body.

Explore this trance. Look at the pictures in your mind as you remember. Are they still or moving? Are they crisp or muted? Perhaps there is music in your memories?. Maybe there are faces? A remembered smell or taste can be deeply moving. The memories of touch can also bring their peace. The feeling of fur or of finger-sifted sand. The smoothness of silk or the whisper of wind on your face. The warmth of a log fire or a sunny day. What has touched you with relaxation? Remember. Re-live.

Now you can go further, deeper. Now you can drift to new places and other times. Guided by your memories, let yourself now float to scenes yet more redolent of relaxation. You are seeking places special to you. It may be the perfect desert island. It may be the coziest of country cottages. It may be in solitude or with loved ones around. It may be in the distant past, or the distant future. Or outside time as we know it. There may be just a sense of floating in a pure bubble of colour or in warm darkness. There may be a sense of being carried on the billows of a song. It is YOUR special place. The place you have chosen, the place you have found. It is the haven of havens. The refuge of refuges. Just for you. All is peace. All is harmony.

You can choose to notice the feelings in your body now. They are in the present moment. They are the sense of a deeper relaxation. They are yours and yours alone. Your feelings of relaxation are your own secret world. Enjoy them in the present moment. Feel them in all parts of your body. Relaxed. Free. Peaceful. Safe in the present moment you can enjoy simply being alive. Alive and safe. Alive and relaxed. Deeply relaxed.

As my voice is about to leave you, you may choose to drift on by yourself for longer, and maybe deeper, into this relaxation trance. Or you might choose to listen to the Body Trance track. Or you may simply return to the external world we live in. You are free to choose. You are free...