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HYPNOGENESIS FREE ON-LINE JOURNAL http://hypnos.co.uk/hypnomag/

All the other Journals come in printed form and have to be paid for, though some will have some articles on-line

American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis http://www.asch.net/ajch.htm. The official journal of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

The European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis http://www.ejch.com/

The Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis http://www.ozhypnosis.com.au/journal.html

Contemporary Hypnosis http://www.bsech.com/ The Journal of the British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis.

The Hypnotherapy Journal http://www.hypnotherapists.org.uk/ Journal of the National Council for Hypnotherapy



National Council for Hypnotherapy http://www.hypnotherapists.org.uk/

Hypnotherapy Society http://www.hypnotherapysociety.com/

General Hypnotherapy Register http://www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com/

British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis. http://www.bsech.com/

National Council of Psychotherapists http://www.natcouncilofpsychotherapists.org.uk/



This is a very limited list. I once compiled a list of 30 or more, but these are now probably out of date, so this slot contains those who have approached me more recently, with websites.


The London College of Clinical Hypnosis - This is the largest school of clinical hypnosis (hypnotherapy) in the UK

National School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (N-SHAP) - School of Ericksonian Hypnosis


The School of Analytical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy.


The Washington School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis: http://www.hypno-nlp.com/


Hypnosis Training Scotland Hypnotherapy Glasgow: http://www.hypnosis-scotland.co.uk

National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists: http://www.nsph-hypnotherapy.co.uk

Corsebar Hypnotherapy Training School http://www.learn-hypnosis.co.uk


Centre Training School of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy http://www.hypnotherapy-training.co.uk/hypnotherapy/index.html


LCCH Singapore provides accredited hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy training in Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong and India.



Hypnoforum is an open forum for discussion, comments about hypnosis, hypnotism etc. sponsored by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

Alt.Hypnosis and Alt.Hypnotherapy are newsgroups that cover Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy



www.free-hypnosis.co.uk Another Free information site!

Cambridge Hypnotherapy - - Paul, Luke and Joseph Clough ~ Combining their passion and expertise in hypnotherapy using hypnosis with advanced levels of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy " they have accelerated their competence to a level rarely found in the therapeutic or self-improvement community."

The PATH Foundation Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Clinics & Hypnosis Training Institutes. USA.

NLP Learn how to hypnotise with Jonathan Royle's stage hypnotism course, or try courses on close up magic or mind control. In his hypnotist role, Royle employs hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to treat almost any problem, and he can also be booked for hypnotism and psychic shows.

Hypnosis. Hypnotism Secrets is a site designed with the hypnosis enthusiast in mind. Whether you're just starting out or already advanced you'll definitely benefit from this free resource.

Learn Self Hypnosis and Weight loss Hypnosis. Exclusive guide offering wide range of information on hypnosis and various hypnosis techniques. Check out the useful information on self hypnosis, hypnosis downloads, weight loss hypnosis, etc.

HypnosisExpert. Useful compendium or articles and information on Hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis HQ categorized resource directory for everything about hypnosis.

HypnoSoft Internet Hypnosis. Create a custom, talking hypnosis for any purpose, online. Include the words and phrases that mean the most to you for a personal, one-of-a-kind hypnosis.

Morris Berg Includes information on a book on Hypnotherapy courses in the UK he has written with Michael O'Sulllivan.

Anglo American Book Company is a good source of books on Hypnotism and Psychotherapy.

Hypnogenesis , the on-line magazine, has other links

Hypnosis UK

Hypnotica is a site by Dr Henderson which deals with Self-Hypnosis. It contains quite a bit of free information which leads you towards buying various tapes etc. to help further.

NLP Information Centre, if you are interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Hypnotherapy High Wycombe - Changing States provides hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT, timeline therapy, biofeedback and NLP therapy in High Wycombe Bucks and Central London - www.changingstates.co.uk

Blood Pressure Monitors and TENS Machines: http://www.eu-medical.com

Weight Loss Hypnosis Tapes http://www.neuro-vision.us/Products/NeuroVISIONAppetiteDvd.htm FREE Hypnosis Power Relaxation MP3. Alan B. Densk's Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis Programs for smoking, weiht loss and more. NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis DVD & CD



Mid Surrey Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapist Jean Mann A long established Hypnotherapy Centre in Surrey countryside within easy reach of London and the M25

Alan Grieveson Hypnotherapist. The Wirral.

Andrew White Hypnotherapy and brief therapy for all emotional and relationship issues in the Bristol, Taunton and Somerset areas. Advanced hypno-behavioural programmes for weight and smoking. 0845-3510604

Michele Pavey-Laumen Melbourne Australia. Clinical hypnotherapy for positive change.

Louise Watts London and Essex Clinical Hypnotherapist, specialising in weight control and smoking cessation. Please call or email for a consultation. Hypnosis and NLP training workshops also available.

Hypnosis for Health and Well-Being The site provides articles and other resources encouraging training in self hypnosis for health and well being. Readings cover self change, bodily change, stress and chronic illness(especially cancer). All of these articles (around 30 so far)and sets of Bibliographies can be read/copied for free. A small number of Audio scripts are available for purchase.

Awaken2Life Lyn & Paul Thurman deliver professional hypnotherapy, eft, nlp, life coaching & energy healing in London & Surrey.

Robert Matthews Hypnotherapy London Description: Custom made hypnotherapy Cds made to your requirements. Hypnotherapist with large illustrated website, includes articles on smoking, stress relief, phobias, slimming and depression.

Inner Changes Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP Therapy, EFT and Life Coaching in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area. Nigel Magowan is a fully qualified and full-time professional therapist offering help with with anxiety and panic attacks, weight control, stopping smoking, IBS, unwanted habits, fears and phobias, confidence and self esteem, memory, study habits and more.

Imagine Me Media Self Confidence and Self Esteem building by Highly effective, easy to use Hypnotherapy DVD's and MP3's to help change the way you really think about yourself. Gain Self Confidence, Improve Self Esteem and Overcome Phobias and bad habits like smoking and overeating.

The Masterknot The NLP route to happiness, career success, loving relationships and wealth by unravelling your personal masterknot.

Lasting Change Hypnotherapy - Manchester, UK based professional hypnotherapy and NLP practitioner offering assistance with a range of issues such as anxiety, phobias, weight loss, stopping smoking and more.

Hypno-Talk. Elizabeth Harford, CH. Based in Florida. Provides Hypnosis on CD.

Inner Depths Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling. Toni Mackenzie is a fully qualified & ethical Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & Counsellor offering healing therapies in a warm, safe environment in various locations within the Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire areas. She is also an EFT & NLP practitioner and a Reiki Master.

A Better you, Clinical Hypnotherapy. John McGrail, C.Ht. Professional and compassionate clinical  hypnotherapy. Quit smoking, lose and control weight, overcome eating disorders, create spiritual balance; improve performance at home, work, and at play -- Create a Better You!

 Michael Hadfield. Hypnotherapist working in Runcorn,  Cheshire.  A range of hypnosis Cd's and tapes is available.

Andrew Parr's London website for stop smoking hypnosis, weight loss, fears and personal problems. Also Hypnotherapy in Tunbridge Wells, Kent & Sussex www.hypnotherapy-sussex.co.uk

Hypnosis Toronto counsellor referral service and Romantic Magic CDs. From relationship problems to stopping smoking to just needing someone to talk to, Hypnosis Toronto can match your needs to a psychotherapist, NLP Counsellor, or Hypnotherapist. Not in Toronto? Ask about our telephone counselling service.

Grant Boddington's World of Hypnosis Hypnotist Grant Boddington is an entertaining International Master Stage Hypnotist, an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind Motivator. Based in new Zealand. Author of top selling Ebook "Simply Hypnosis" and creator of the "Be The Person You Want To Be" series of HRM (Hypnosis Reinforced Motivation) CDs for all sport, business and personal motivation & self improvement.

Daryl Wilkinson. Counselling Hypnotherapist, Strategies for Stress Management and more. Melbourne, Australia.

Penny Albertella FCIPD MIAH. Hypnotherapist. Torbay, Exeter & Harley St London.

Isabelle Real Re-birthing / Past Life Regression / Hypnotherapy website

Rhona Gethins, MNSPH and John Moonie, MNSPH, GHR(Reg), MBCS, Dip. AM offer professional hypnotherapy services in Perth, Scotland.

Victoria M. Wizell, C.M. Ht. of Hypnotherapy of Nevada Information about hypnosis, self-hypnosis, weight-loss, sexual issues, stress management, stop smoking, and much more. Private sessions and extensive selection of self-hypnosis audio programs available.

Deborah Marshall-Warren offers interactive hypnotherapy
in London, England.

Robert Kelly Consultant Hypnotherapist. Cambridge

Keith Livingston A Seattle area Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner who conducts trainings all over
the US. Hypnosis news, books, articles and more.

Del Hunter Morrill , Counseling Hypnotherapist at TRANSITIONS, INC, a Center
for Counseling and Hypnosis in Washington State, USA. Also the
offices for the NEW BEGINNINGS recordings and GREAT ESCAPES script books.

Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D. Director of Pastoral Care and Clinical Hypnotherapy at
Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital in New Orleans, La.
Articles on Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy, Pain Management, False Memory Syndrome, Guided Imagery, Hypnosis and Religion, Alfred Adler, Viktor Fankl Maxwell Maltz and other subjectS.

Steve Harold Hypnotherapist East London

Andy Smith Hypnotherapist/NLP trainer in West London

Wayne Capps Clinical Hypnotherapist from Charleston SC. Also practising magician

Jacob Bimblich of Brooklyn, New York is a Life Member of the National Psychiatric Association, and a Fellow and Charter Member of the Academy of Scientific Hypnotherapy and belongs to more Hypnotherapy bodies than anyone I have heard of! Jacob is the host and producer of a prime time cable television show called Discovering Yourself which deals with alternative medicine, and has lectured and demonstrated extensively. Mensa member.

Alan A McCool Eclectic hypnotherapist, Cheshire, UK. Specialises in Weight Control and Eating Disorders.

Michael Millett Eclectic, holistic, NLP &Timeline, Past life regression, Hypnosis. London, England.

Barry Jones Comedy Hypnotist. USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand



I am prepared to link to sites which are not directly related to hypnosis if they are PR3 or higher. (My site is currently PR4.) My details are:

Title: Dr. Dylan Morgan URL:https://hypno1.co.uk Description: Hypnotherapist. Many free informative books.

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Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic UK | Theta Healing | Hypnotherapy Services in Bristol Looking for Theta Healing, Hypnotherapy, EFT or EMDR in Bristol? You've come to the right place...! Lou Palmer a Qualified Hypnotherapist in Bristol is available now for the treatment for all kind of Hypnotherapy problems.

Acupuncture Bristol UK - Acupuncture Treatment at Bristol Acupuncture Clinic Are u finding an acupuncturist in Bristol UK? Qualified acupuncturist Ian Robert Hope is available now for the treatment of a multitude of conditions including Emotional Distress, M.E and fibromyalgia, Menstrual or gynecological problems, and Skin Conditions.

The Think Tank Group Furniture Packages & Residential Lettings in Leeds, Bradford and Manchester.

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Nicky Whitehead, Registered Homeopath. Skipton and Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

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Complementary Therapists Guide The directory for complementary therapists and alternative medicine providers, information about holistic health and alternative medicine, free listings and link exchange.



Here are some FREE books.

What do you mean, "It's OK to fail."? Dylan Morgan
Hypnosis for Beginners Dylan Morgan
Your Path in Life Dylan Morgan
Principles of Hypnosis Dylan Morgan
The Four Circles of Life Dylan Morgan
Neurypnology (Hypnosis) James Braid
Articles Dylan Morgan
Hypnotism Lawrence
Biographies Dylan Morgan
The Science of Hypnotism Alexander Cannon
The Everlasting Well (Fiction/Child) Dylan Morgan